A transition to renewables is empowering our future.

Energy is one of humanity’s most valuable tools. It powers our lives, keeps our lights on, and keeps us connected and moving.

Energy is also at the heart of the climate challenge – and key to the solution. Most of the world’s energy still comes from fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas), which are by far the largest contributor to the climate crisis, accounting for nearly 90% of all carbon emissions.

Right now, a transition to renewable energy means a future where energy works for people and the planet, delivering huge benefits for health, nature and the economy.

In a future powered by energy generated from natural resources, such as sunlight, wind or water — we will have more than enough energy to go around, cleaner air to breathe and more green jobs to fill. A bright future powered by renewable energy is here.

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How to spot climate misinformation and disinformation

  • PAUSE before sharing
  • WHERE did it come from?
  • WHEN was it published?
  • WHO made it?
  • WATCH out for clickbait
  • COMPARE to a trusted source