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is an initiative of the United Nations, in collaboration with Purpose, to cut through the noise to deliver life-saving information on COVID-19 and stories from the best of humanity.

Team Halo

Team Halo is an effort to support and celebrate the inspiring collaboration between scientists all over the world to help us end this pandemic with safe and effective vaccines.

Latest COVID-19 Data

Source: WHO, 3 SEPTEMBER 2021

6.0 Million

Deaths from COVID-19 are continuing to rise. Let’s do what we can to help stop the spread.

10.7 Billion
Vaccine doses given

Doses are not being shared equally around the world. #OnlyTogether can we end the pandemic.

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Verified has launched major global campaigns to tackle the most pressing issues caused by the pandemic.

#Only Together

Let’s make sure everyone can get the vaccine so we can all get back to what we love.

The world is different. Friends and family are apart, gatherings are on hold, travel has been halted. We all want to get back to the things and the people we love. But if different countries move at different speeds then there is no guarantee that things will ever be the same.

#Pledge To Pause

A small share can have big consequences

The things we share online can spread like wildfire and a small share can have big consequences. But we can all play a role in stopping the spread of misinformation. Join us in our mission to tackle misinformation.

#Its Possible

Today, we have a chance. We must decide to put humanity before national agendas. Unless all of us are safe, none of us are safe. We must work together as one world to step up to the challenges that will define our generation.

We are at a pivotal time in history – we have an opportunity to build a better world. Together, at this moment – it’s possible.


COVID-19 Vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccines are our best hope to end the pandemic. Learn more about how they work and what you need to know.

COVID-19 Health Information

Understanding COVID-19 will help us all to stay safe. Find out more about the virus and how to protect yourself and your community.

Fighting Misinformation

As the world confronts its biggest challenge today, there has never been a greater need for accurate, verified information.

Global Solidarity

The pandemic has affected all of us, all around the world. Find out more about the global impact of the pandemic and discover stories of the best of humanity.