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Verified Champions is a campaign focused on shifting narratives and improving the information ecosystem around climate change by combating misinformation and disinformation online. As part of the Verified for Climate initiative, a joint program of the United Nations and Purpose, the campaign is supported by TikTok.

The campaign is designed to empower climate experts to become content creators and share their voices online, playing an active role in countering climate misinformation and disinformation narratives with climate facts, insights, and solutions. Through our group of Verified Champions, we aim to share accurate climate information, increase digital literacy, and encourage proactive reporting of misinformation and disinformation on the TikTok platform.

Our Verified CHAMPIONS

Verified Champions are a network of trusted messengers, climate experts, and influencers who counter climate misinformation and disinformation on the TikTok platform through original, informative, and accurate content.

We are thrilled to be working with Verified Champions from UAE, Brazil, and Spain whose powerful voices have been hand-selected to be the heartbeat of our campaign. Their impressive audience reach and climate expertise make them the perfect partners in creating compelling content that drives climate action.

Help us spread accurate climate information on TikTok by following the #VerifiedChampions, and #AgentesdeVerificado hashtags and liking our content. Check out some of our top-performing posts below!



Nesse video te explico a difefença entre desinformação e informação falsa. Esramos em um monento muito crucial e de muito volume de infos falsas e desinformações sobre mudanças climáticas. Importante buscarmos fontes seguras neste momento! #agentesdoverificado #verifiedchampions #climateaction #asmrtiktoks

♬ original sound – Lívia Humaire

Já pensou que absurdo um advogado querendo dizer pro médico como ele deve operar um paciente? Pois é, 1 milhão de neurônios seus morrem toda vez que você diz que as mudanças climáticas não existem 🫠 Hoje é o Dia Nacional de Conscientização sobre as Mudanças Climáticas. Dá uma forcinha aqui e compartilha esse vídeo pra gente combater a desinformação sobre a emergência do clima! #MudançasClimáticas #ClimateChange #VerifiedChampions #AgentesDoVerificado

♬ som original – Gustavo Figueirôa



Hannah Montana tiene la clave para salvar el mundo 🌍✨ (o al menos para acordarnos de qué es lo mejor para la salud del #planeta y de las personas) #agentedeverificado #verifiedchampion #verifiedchampions #climateaction #crisisclimatica #climatecrisis #sostenibilidad #habitosaludables #habitospositivos

♬ sonido original – Valentina Raffio

El Ártico se está calentando cuatro veces más rápido que el resto del planeta y todo lo que ocurre allí nos afecta a todos, ya que el aumento de su temperatura y el deshielo tienen consecuencias en todo el mundo, como el aumento del nivel del mar, la erosión costera y cambios en los patrones atmosféricos. Un nuevo estudio de la Universidad de Hamburgo y el Instituto Max Plan revela el aumento de la frecuencia de las olas de calor marinas. #AgentesDeVerificado #VerifiedChampions #ClimateAction #AprendeConTikTok #cienciaentiktok

♬ Epic Music(863502) – Draganov89

El cambio climático es una estafa”. Niños hay que leer un poco, de verdad que no cuesta tanto 🙏🏽. #cambioclimatico #climatechange #AgentesdeVerificado #Climateaction #desinformacion #noticias #antartica #antartida #deshielo

♬ original sound – Clara Tomé

United Arab Emirates


You will be shocked to know the Biggest threat to climate action in 2024!! I am Pallavi, I am a Verified Champion, as part of joint program of United Nations and Purpose. World Economic Forum declared in their 19th edition of the Global Risks Report 2024, published in January 2024, that the top threat to climate action in 2024 is AI-generated Climate change misinformation and disinformation, ranking first in the short-term global risks severity list! Climate change is what we all are experiencing in some way or the other!  What can you do to help? Stop engaging in climate change denial news and messages! Unfortunately, the social media algorithms will start showing you what you start engaging in and only lead to its spread far and wide!  Only share something forward, written or verbal, about climate change if you are sure about the source and its credibility! AI-generated disinformation is hampering all the efforts we are making to overcome climate change! So, let’s put our hands together to fight mis and disinformation! #verifiedchampions #climateaction   #learnontiktok #theecoloop  #sustainableliving  #fightdisinformation  #unitednations #worldeconomicforum2024

♬ original sound – Pallavi Santhapuram

Lost in the maze of climate news? 🌍 Let’s navigate through the difference between misinformation and disinformation together! Stay tuned to find out more about climate disinformation in our next post. 🕵️‍♂️ #climatechange #fyp #foryoupage #explore #explor #uae #dxb #dubai #climate #information #facts

♬ ♡ ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ ♡ – SoBerBoi

5 Tips to Spot Fake News!” Tip 1 – Check the Source! Tip 2 – Look for Evidence Tip 3 – Cross-Check Information Tip 4 – Beware of Emotional Tip 5 – Use Fact-Checking Sites #VerifiedChampions #climateeducation #unitednations #climatechange #CapCut #ClimateFacts #ClimateFakes #2024 #CapCut

♬ original sound – Dr. Rahaf Ajaj

How to spot climate misinformation and disinformation

  • PAUSE before sharing
  • WHERE did it come from?
  • WHEN was it published?
  • WHO made it?
  • WATCH out for clickbait
  • COMPARE to a trusted source