The race to save the environment starts with a renewable energy revolution

“The time to combat climate disinformation is now; we will reframe narratives, debunk false ones, and turn the tide against doomism. We will demonstrate solutions to secure an equitable, livable planet before it’s too late.”

– Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at the United Nations

The world took a historic step forward at COP28 by agreeing to transition away from fossil fuels, to keep the 1.5°C temperature rise limit at bay. This deal finally puts us on the path towards clean energy powering our future.

That’s why the United Nations and Purpose has launched our flagship campaign: “The Future Thanks You.” This positive, solutions-focused initiative will accelerate momentum for the global renewable energy transition by spreading inspiring information about the real-life benefits of a renewable energy transition .

For too long, fossil fuel corporations have spent massive sums muddying the waters to intentionally delay progress on climate solution. And they’ve successfully done so through sophisticated disinformation tactics aimed at confusing people and minimizing their products’ harmful impacts. It’s time to hit reset and rally the world around a brighter, cleaner vision for our shared future.

With “The Future Thanks You”, we’re leveraging best practices in solution-oriented messaging, reframing, fact-checking, and more to counteract polarization and doomism with truth and encouragement . We aim to meet disinformation head-on across digital channels with informational content that conveys the upsides of rapidly advancing the transition to renewable energy.

This campaign represents a global collaboration spanning communications experts, civil society, businesses, philanthropists, academics and more – all unified in cutting through the noise to inspire agency around climate action. Supported by Fortescue, our positive messaging will engage people globally to combat widely held misconceptions around a green energy transition. We’re here to paint a vivid picture of what the future will look like.

“The Future Thanks You” will rally the world around this positive vision of equitable  abundance on a thriving planet. Working together, we can accelerate a just transition to renewable energy and climate solutions, modernizing our lives for the better and securing the future we all want to see.

Fortescue and Dr Andrew Forrest AO is supporting the United Nations and Purpose to substantially accelerate the shift to renewable energy through advocacy and education.

As a leading Australian green energy company, Fortescue is resolutely committed to supporting global education efforts on climate change and sees a critical role for civil society in renewable energy uptake.

Fortescue and Dr Forrest are delighted to help launch this campaign, to take meaningful action to address information biases at a global level. Join us in this new movement highlighting how climate action is already uplifting communities and creating a brighter tomorrow.

Our future selves will thank us for choosing courage, action and optimism today. A hopeful, energized people  is an unstoppable force – and that’s exactly what “The Future Thanks You” will build worldwide.

Share our messages using the #ClimateAction hashtag today.