Understanding the difference: Malaria & COVID-19

Understanding the difference: Malaria & COVID-19

We speak to an expert in malaria about the differences between the two diseases.

If you live in a country where malaria is present, you’ll likely be aware of the symptoms and what to look out for. But some of the symptoms of malaria are similar to those of COVID-19.

How are the two diseases transmitted, and how can we protect ourselves and our families from both?

In this video, Dr Elvis Eze, a medical doctor and youth ambassador for Malaria No More UK, explains.

While COVID-19 is caused by a virus that can pass from person to person, malaria is caused by a parasite spread by mosquitoes.

Dr Eze tells us that both diseases are better prevented than treated, so we should wear a mask and maintain physical distancing to protect ourselves from COVID-19, and sleep under an insecticide-treated net to protect against malaria.

If you think you might have symptoms of either disease, do not self-medicate. Make sure you seek medical advice, get tested and treated.