Become a Verified Champion and use your voice for good

Become a Verified Champion and use your voice for good

Verified invites you to join a network of people using their platforms and influence to steer communities and individuals through the crisis caused by COVID-19 and misinformation. Sign up today to join us.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, United Nations and Verified have been working to fight COVID-19 and misinformation.  But we know that there is more to be done. Online, and around the world, harmful misinformation continues to circulate, boosted by mechanisms that allow it to multiply. 

In a time of division and mistrust, we want to make a change. Whether speaking directly to friends and family, or to followers online, we each have the power, the platforms and the influence to make a difference. 

We are building a network of Verified Champions, where people come together, use their collective power to speak out against misinformation, and share accurate information that saves lives. And we need you to be part of it.

Whether you are student, teacher, rising sports star, acclaimed musician, influencer, a parent, you have the power and influence within your networks. By harnessing your voice, you can help save lives and tackle some of the biggest issues of our time by spreading factual, verified information.

As a Champion, you’ll join a worldwide community of change makers and have the opportunity to see your work shared on a global stage.

When you sign up to this new programme, you will receive regular bulletins containing the latest insights, updates and fact-based messages to share with your communities.

Importantly, you will be part of a collective that together will be a powerful force for good online. 

Join the network using their voices to share accurate information and empower their communities on urgent issues such as COVID-19. 

Don’t stay silent. Use your voice for good.