Take our free online course on fighting misinformation

Take our free online course on fighting misinformation

A new course from Verified and wikiHow will teach you what you need to know to fight harmful misinformation 

How do you know that the things you see online are true? Do you feel equipped to stop yourself becoming a victim of harmful misinformation? How do you keep yourself and your community safe on the internet?

To answer these questions and more, we invite you to sign up to our free online course, ‘How To Fight Misinformation Online’. The course is designed by Verified and wikiHow – an online community of experts creating trusted how-to guides. When you sign up, you will receive one lesson per day to your inbox over the course of five days.

Misinformation works as a powerful machine – produced and distributed online by a wide range of sources, including people deliberately starting false rumours, ‘bots’ (social media accounts programmed by computers) automatically posting misinformation across social media, and ordinary people who unwittingly share fake news with their followers.

If we are being honest, we have probably all shared something online that is not true. Maybe we sent an article to a WhatsApp group without reading it first. Maybe we made a claim without being certain about the facts. Maybe we re-tweeted something without checking if it was accurate. Maybe we saw a post with hundreds of likes and we liked it too – helping it to reach more people.

When we share things online without checking to see if the information is verified and factual – we help keep misinformation circulating.

By taking the new Verified and wikiHow course, you will learn how to identify false information and help slow the spread. You’ll make it harder for misinformation to reach vulnerable people.

Over the course of five lessons (delivered daily to your email inbox) you’ll learn vital skills and how to put them into practice. By the end of the course you will know when, and why, you should pause before sharing, how to fact-check what you see, how to speak to people who have shared misinformation and lots more.

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