Should I continue to wear a face mask if I’ve been vaccinated?

Should I continue to wear a face mask if I’ve been vaccinated?

Until the threat from COVID is over, we should all continue to follow safe practices

Getting vaccinated means we are significantly less likely to get seriously ill or die from COVID-19. But we can still catch the virus and pass it on. So in areas where COVID-19 is spreading, even if we are vaccinated, we can do our bit to stop the spread by continuing to wear masks and physically distancing – especially when inside or in a crowded place. 

We should also continue to ventilate rooms and wash our hands regularly. 

As today’s video shows, these small steps help to stop the virus from circulating and reduce the risk of it mutating into new and dangerous variants.

When scientists talk about ‘learning to live with the virus’, one of the key things is staying safe and remembering all the things we’ve done throughout the pandemic, like following the prevention measures and working together to help stop the spread.

One day there will come a time when COVID-19 is no longer considered a global pandemic. In some regions the threat will be reduced sooner than in others – but until the pandemic is over everywhere, it’s not over anywhere. Share our video to help others understand how they can help stop the spread.