Leading musicians join the fight against misinformation

Leading musicians join the fight against misinformation

Pause to enjoy the music – and help stop misinformation

We have never lived in a more connected world. But constantly being attached to technology via our phones and our laptops can be overwhelming. 

When we spend too much time online, it can take a toll on us mentally – on our focus, concentration and productivity. 

All of these things can make us more vulnerable to misinformation. Researchers have found that increased use of technology led to a decline in the critical thinking and analysis—skills we need for making sense of what we see online.

So today, we invite you to take a Pause alongside leading musicians Yo-Yo Ma and Midori who have recorded these beautiful pieces to help soothe some of the stress away and remind us to take a moment for ourselves.  

Taking a moment to Pause when we are online is a great way to develop healthy social media habits. 

Social media platforms are designed to keep us using them, and one of the most effective ways they accomplish that is by constantly pushing emotionally triggering content into our feeds.

Reacting straight away to a post – for example by sharing, reacting or commenting, helps it reach a bigger audience. So instead of clicking a react or share button, Pause and take a moment to truly engage with what you see before you decide to react.

We can all help stop the spread of misinformation. Join Yo-Yo Ma and Midori and #PledgetoPause today.