#ForEachOne campaign to fight violence against women

The United Nations (UN), through the global Verified initiative, launched the #ForEachOne campaign in Brazil, which tackles domestic and family violence against women. The first step of the activation was an unprecedented act on the subject at the Christ the Redeemer, with representatives of various religions – Buddhism, Candomblé, Catholicism, Spiritism, Evangelism, Hare Krishna, Islam, Judaism and Umbanda. Also, a projection on the monument, which is a postcard of Rio de Janeiro, and the performance of singer Kell Smith, who will perform a musical number.

Based on current legislation on the subject – Maria da Penha Law –, the #ForEachOne campaign talks about, typifies and exemplifies all types of violence against women. The objective is to make each of the five types of violence (psychological, moral, patrimonial, sexual and physical) identified and named, opening space for confronting each one of them. This information, as well as in-depth data on the topic, as well as options for support networks and reporting channels, which are part of the campaign website www.paracadauma.com.br, which is now live.

For Roberta Caldo, from the United Nations Information Center for Brazil (UNIC Rio), the campaign helps to clarify the types of violence, because only with adequate information will women be able to get out of cycles of oppression: “We want to name and bring light about each of the types of violence that the law characterizes, so that men and women can identify them and help victims leave situations of abuse and own their stories. Information is the key to this process”.

The act at the Christ the Redeemer was added to other interventions. The Rio Art Museum, Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro, the Amazonas Theather, in Manaus, the Planetarium and Oca of Ibirapuera Park, in Sao Paulo, had lilac lighting accompanying the August Lilac – awareness month for the end of violence against women -, as a way of participating in the #ForEachOne. Lines 4, 5, 8 and 9 of the train and the São Paulo subway had 20 adhesive-backed wagon doors and shared the messages around combating domestic and family violence on the monitors of wagons and platforms. Monitors along the Pinheiros cycle lane also conveyed campaign messages. And VLT Carioca and Eletromidia supported the cause by publicizing the project on screens.

According to the 16th edition of the Brazilian Public Security Yearbook, from the Brazilian Public Security Forum, a woman is a victim of femicide in Brazil every 7 hours. According to Daniela Grelin, executive director of Instituto Avon, information is the driving force for cycles of domestic and family violence to be recognized and faced: “From the moment people come to know what aggressive gender behaviors are, they are able to recognize when they are happening in their own homes, in their workplaces or with someone close to them.”. And she adds: “Knowledge is the starting point for the reaction and the search for help. The #ForEachOne campaign will help men and women to identify dangerous behaviors, take a stand and, above all, support Brazilian women in need. Only the awareness and collaboration of society can collaborate to transform this reality”.

The Brazilian campaign #ForEachOne is part of the UN Verified global initiative and has institutional support from Instituto Maria da Penha and Instituto Avon, in addition to collaborations from the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), Eletromidia, Farah Service, Grupo and Instituto CCR, Rio Art Museum, Museum of Tomorrow, Nigro Entertainment, Christ the Redeemer Sanctuary, Urbia Parques, ViaMobilidade, ViaQuatro and VLT Carioca.