A Small Share Can Have Big Consequences

The things we share online can spread like wildfire and a small share can have big consequences. Watch the short film above, join us in our mission to tackle misinformation and encourage your followers across your social channels to take care before they share.

Before you share, think:

  • WHO made it?
  • WHAT is the source?
  • WHERE did it come from?
  • WHY are you sharing this?
  • WHEN was it published?

How To Share Responsibly

Whether you’re forwarding a message, retweeting a story or watching a video in your feed — before you press share, take a moment to pause.


Interrupt your emotional response.


Take a breath. Trigger critical thinking.


Don’t share it if you don’t trust it.

Pause 1 Campaign Film

When we see misinformation, it hijack our emotions and we might not even be aware of that. Watch our film exploring the effect that misinformation has on our moods.

The Experts

What is misinformation and why do we share it? Hear from experts around the world for their insights into the infodemic and what we can all do to help.

Post a Pause

Take part by sharing a GIF or image on your social channels alongside this text:

Misinformation is prolonging the pandemic. But by pausing to think before you share information online you can save lives. Will you join me and #PledgetoPause too?