As coronavirus turns lives upside down, people all over the world are searching for information on how to keep safe, stay hopeful and help one another.

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You’re engaging right now in the biggest project of social collaboration the world has seen. Bigger than the moon landing, than the Olympics, than the building of the tallest skyscraper or longest bridge. Billions of people are working together – the doctor on the other side of the country. The parent homeschooling their child. The scientist working on the vaccine. The nurse working around the clock. You, reading this. Working towards one common goal: to look after each other.

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We’re doing this for each other – for everyone on the biggest team the world has ever seen.

The pandemic cannot become a ‘media extinction event’: UN Secretary-General

Over the past year it has become evident that efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic have been undermined by a concurrent global “infodemic.” It has also become clear that public interest media have become more needed and yet more threatened than ever. Click here to watch a special panel discussion organized in cooperation with the philanthropic organization Luminate. The discussion explored the roles of public interest media, technology platforms and global institutions such as the United Nations, one year into the infodemic.